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It's all about coffee
  • Green Coffee Sourcing
    Green coffee sourcing from coffee farmers, processors and exporters.
  • Coffee brokerage
    Acting as negotiators between the buyer and the seller
    coming up with prices that can be favourable on both sides.
  • Pre-loading and
    loading inspection
    Pre-loading and loading inspection to ensure that the quality of coffee remains the same
    in order to avoid quality claims upon arrival at the final destination.
  • Quality asurance
    Ensure quality is of high standard with our well-equipped
    laboratory and expert green coffee graders and cuppers.

About superlativecoffee services


It's all about Coffee.

Superlative Coffee Services Ltd has certainly positioned itself as a pivotal player in the coffee industry, particularly within Uganda. With its inception in 2022, it has swiftly risen to prominence, largely due to its comprehensive range of services and the expertise of its directors. The extensive experience of the directors, boasting more than 13 years in the coffee business, undoubtedly provides Superlative Coffee Services Ltd with a competitive edge.


Green Coffee sourcing

coffee brokerage

quality assurance

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+ years experience in coffee business.

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